City Plans

The following "functional" or "area" planning documents have been adopted to guide the physical, social, and economic growth of the community.  All are adopted as components of the most recent City of Monona Comprehensive Plan. 

Functional Plans

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2016.  It replaces previous versions, including the 2004 Comprehensive Plan and the 1979 Master Plan. 

Parks and Open Space Plan

This Plan is a complication of the City's goals, objects, current and future needs for recreational facilities.  This plan is scheduled to be updated every five years.  Master Plans for individual City Parks can be viewed on the Parks Department webpage.

Sustainability Plan

The City's adoption of the Sustainability Resolution in March 2012 was the start of establishing sustainability principles as the norm in city planning, policies, and procedures. The Monona Sustainability Plan (MSP) was developed based on the principles in the resolution. The MSP contains guiding visions, measurable objectives, and targeted strategies (plans of action) intended to help the city practically implement ideas for operating more efficiently and sustainably.

Strategic Housing Plan

The Strategic Housing Plan was approved by the City Council in November of 2007.  This Plan was adopted to guide Monona’s public decisions and investment in housing over time. The plan utilized data analysis and public input to include recommendations for short and long-term initiatives that the City can undertake to improve housing stock and housing opportunities.

Strategic Plan for Economic Development

The Ad Hoc Economic Development Advisory Committee was charged with developing an economic development strategy for Monona.  The committee's charge was develop a 10-15 year economic development strategy that the Mayor, the City Council, the Plan Commission, and the Community Development Authority can implement. 

Area Plans

Monona Drive Corridor Studies and Plans

Broadway Corridor Studies and Plans

TIF and Redevelopment Area Project Plans

Follow the link below to review Monona's current Redevelopment Area Project Plans and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District Project Plans.