City Projects & Bids

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  2. 2017 Projects

    1. WI DOT Streets Projects in Monona

    2. 2017 Road Reconstruction Project

    3. Parking Lot Reconstruction Projects

    4. 2017 Street Micro Surfacing Project

    5. City Hall Administrative Office Remodel

    6. 2017 Street Resurfacing

  3. 2018 Project Planning

  4. 2016 Projects

    1. Schluter Channel Dredging and Stormwater Project

      Dredging of Schluter Channel and placement of two sediment removal devices in Winnequah Road.

    2. 2016 Micro-Surfacing Project

      The work to be completed in conformance with the Contract Document for the mentioned project includes: • Crack filling all cracks • Spray patching all alligator cracks and pot holed areas • Minor patching repair or asphalt replacement as needed • Mill & overlay on Frost Woods Road, three sections • Application of Micro Surfacing on various streets • Pavement marking on various streets

    3. 2016 Street Resurfacing Project

      Monona will be performing certain routine street maintenance projects, including resurfacing of several City streets this year. Please see attached documents for more information.

    4. Bridge Road & Frost Woods Road Pavement Marking

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