Sustainable Monona 

​Mission Statement
Sustainability in everything we do.
The City of Monona is a leader in environmental sustainability, and believes that a commitment to the environment is crucial to having a flourishing community. Having sustainability in mind while supporting the ecological, economic, and social needs of our community ensures that we will not deplete or minimize the resources of future generations.

Current Projects

Leaf Management & Adopt a Storm Drain Project
Degrading leaves, left unattended during the fall season, produce phosphorous that contaminates our lakes. Preventing leaves from entering our storm drains keeps our water cleaner and healthier.
City Implementing Sustainable Purchasing Policy
The City of Monona is partnering with WECC to implement a sustainable purchasing policy throughout the municipality. By voting with our dollars, the City hopes to promote environmentally friendly products, companies, and local businesses.
Pedestrian & Bike Committee
In February 2018, the Ad Hoc Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee was formed! The committee is focused on developing more accessible and safer transportation corridors for walkers, bikers, and cars alike. See the calendar on the right for the upcoming community workshop on May 8th!
MSBI Toolkit
Businesses can now access our Sustainable Business Initiative Toolkit! The kit holds multitude of approaches and resources to implementing sustainability projects into any business organization.

Monona is proud to be a Green Tier Legacy Community! This charter is a committed partnership with non-profits, organization, and other Wisconsin governments to developing and implementing sustainable development. Click here to learn more about our membership!