Sustainable Monona 

​Mission Statement
Sustainability in everything we do.
The City of Monona is a leader in environmental sustainability, and believes that a commitment to the environment is crucial to having a flourishing community. Having sustainability in mind while supporting the ecological, economic, and social needs of our community ensures that we will not deplete or minimize the resources of future generations.

Current Projects

Take the Library's Summer Eco-Challenge
The Eco-Action Tuesday team has put together a summer Eco-Challenge for community members looking to improve their sustainability practices at home! Prizes will be awarded at the September 24th program. Complete challenges, learn more about sustainability, and have fun! View the instructions and challenge packets here.
Resident Energy Survey

The recently concluded Resident Energy survey asked community members about their current investment and interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects at home and city-wide. Stay tuned for the results on our web page and Facebook!
100% Clean Energy Resolution
In March 2019, the City Council approved a resolution to pursue 100% clean energy to satisfy all municipal and community demand by 2040 and 2050, respectively. The resolution addresses issues of climate change and resiliency, along with the economic benefits of transitioning to renewables.

Leaf Management: Adopt a Storm Drain Project
Degrading leaves, left unattended during the fall season, produce phosphorous that contaminates our lakes. Preventing leaves from entering our storm drains keeps our water cleaner and healthier. To adopt your storm drain, visit our web page!
Waste Diversion at the Riverfront Redevelopment
Ever wonder if construction projects are concerned with reducing and reusing materials? Well, in Monona, we are! This project, completed in May 2018, was able to divert 87.9% of all non-hazardous materials from reaching a landfill. Read the report by clicking here!

2018 Sustainability Dashboard

Attend Eco-Action Tuesday's at the Monona Library!

This library series engages various sustainability topics through presentations, discussions, and activities. Check out our calendar (top right) for upcoming events, or view the web page to register for an event!