Concussion Infomation

Wisconsin Act 172: Youth Athlete Concussion Law
Wisconsin has joined 31 other states enacting formal legislation dedicated to the safety of youth participating in sports. Wisconsin Act 172 relates to concussions and head injuries sustained in youth activities. The bill was supported by a large coalition including: Marshfield Clinic, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the National Football League, the Green Bay Packers, the Wisconsin Athletic Trainers Association, Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association, Wisconsin Chiropractic Association and many others.

The City of Monona recognizes the potential danger and long-term health consequences of this often difficult to diagnose form of traumatic brain injury. The policy is intended to provide easy-to-understand guidelines related to players who have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having a concussion.

The policy is for coaches, parents, and players but is to be shared with any other adults or participants in City of Monona Recreation Programs.

Concussion Waiver

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