Stone Bridge Park Improvement Project

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Stone Bridge Park is a neighborhood park along Lake Monona with beautiful views of the Madison skyline.  Lake Monona Sailing Club has a pier with sailboat slips at this park, and there is a historical landmark pagoda that has a natural spring that water flows through in the Spring.  There is a large storm water outfall that floods out the natural ravine in the park and the basis for an improvement project.  The 2020 Capital Budget included funding for design and engineering of a storm water improvement project and park improvement project.  Goals of the project as as follows:

#1 – Reduce phosphorous and overland flooding from storm water and complying with our MS4 Storm Water Permit (underground sediment structure, enlarge storm water drain, pre-treatment device, buried outfall pipe)

#2  - Accessibility through park with ADA path and grading for more usable park

#3 – Protection/preservation of Pagoda and landscaping around it providing free flow of spring water

#4 – Protect and preserve (2) large heritage oak trees in park

#5 – Provide improved access to existing pier or future new pier on the lake

#6 – Shoreline abutment improvements

Review historic preservation plan for the pagoda and initial park concept plan.


Council Approved Final Design

Pagoda Preservation Plan

Parks Board Approved Conceptual Plan