Year of the Bike

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2015 Year of the Bike

The City of Monona has declared 2015 as the Year of the Bike in Monona.  We’re celebrating biking all year long with educational and awareness events along with some fun bicycle rides and activities. Whether you are new to bicycling and looking for a way to get started or are a long-time cyclist who wants to meet others like you, come celebrate with us at one of our many events throughout the year. Participate in events and awareness campaigns for a chance to win some fabulous prizes.


National Bike Challenge- May 1 to September 30th

The National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event uniting thousands of current bicyclists — and encouraging countless new riders. In its simplest form it is a logging center for users to record miles ridden and be part of the national community of bicyclists.  Join the Monona team and let’s challenge area communities to see who can ride the most miles.  
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When you sign up, be sure to join "City of Monona Year of the Bike".  Then, watch here as all of our miles add up over the summer- 

B-Cycle Demo Night
Try out one of those funky red bikes you see riding around town for free!  B-Cycle will be setting up a "virtual kiosk" for riders to give the bikes a try.  The kiosk will be set up before the concert at Winnequah Park on July 13th starting at 4:30  pm.

Loop The Lake Ride with Clean Lakes Alliance

Education & Awareness
Bicycle Benefits Program
Save money by biking to the Outdoor Pool and other places in Monona/Madison. Purchase a sticker for $5 and show up on bike and show their Bike Benefits helmet sticker.  Receive $1 off admission to the Outdoor Pool.  Discounts are available at many businesses in Madison.  Check the full listing at 

Regional Planning
The Madison Area Transportation Board is updating the regional Bicycle Transportation Plan.  This plan covers the entire Madison Metropolitan region, including the City of Monona. Participate in this planning process by reviewing the documents, making comments online and/or attending public meetings.  Learn more here:  Regional Bike Plan