Hydrant Flushing

fire hydrant

The Water Utility flushes the water system twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall. This consists of discharging water from the City's fire hydrants in order to help prevent a buildup of mineral deposits in the water mains. The process takes approximately 6 weeks to complete.

During the flushing process, water in the mains may become discolored for a short period of time. The discoloration is due to mineral deposits being dislodged during the flushing process. The discolored water does not cause any adverse health effects; however, it may taste different due to the increased minerals. If you notice that your water is discolored, run the COLD water tap nearest to your water meter for a short period of time until the water runs clear.

Spring 2022 Flushing:  Crews began flushing during the week of May 16.  Daily information on where they are flushing throughout the city will be posted here.  

Wednesday, May 18: crews will be flushing today on Dean Ave. at Monona Drive and moving north to Winnequah Road.

Monday, May 16 and Tuesday, May 17:  crews will be flushing between Nichols Road and Dean Ave., starting from Winnequah Rd. and moving toward Monona Drive.