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October 29, 2018 9:59 AM

Sand Bag Dumpsters to be Removed from Streets on Nov. 8 / at Oneida Park until Dec. 3

The dumpsters which are located in various locations throughout the City for the disposal of sandbags will be removed on Thursday, Nov. 8. The City will coordinate more dumpsters for sandbag removal next spring, so those residents who need to keep their sandbags in place throughout the winter will be able to dispose of them in the spring. After Nov. 8, residents who wish to remove their sandbags will need to store the bags on their property until next spring. Sandbags cannot be left at the curb or mixed with other trash, as they need to be disposed of separately.

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Latest Update:

October 31, 2018 3:35 PM

In order to address residents' requests that the dumpsters for the disposal of sandbags be kept in place past Nov. 8, the City will place dumpsters in the parking lot at Oneida Park from Nov. 8 until Dec. 3. (Dumpsters will still be removed from the streets on Nov. 8 so that leaf pick up and snow removal can occur if needed.)
Residents should not, however, feel that their sandbags must be removed this fall. For those who choose to keep sandbags in place throughout the winter, the city will coordinate dumpsters next spring.